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Hello there! My name is Sam and I am a massive book lover, since I could first read. YA books are a favorite of mine, as well as historical romance, NA, but that doesn't mean that I don't read other things, I just really prefer these. Music is also a large pleasure of mine, I'm listening to something all the time especially when curled up with a good book. I'm a bubbly, smiley Sam by day and a ninja by night. Well, I used to be but I'm too gravitationally challenged. I am in love with more male characters in books than I think would be okay to mention here, or anywhere ^.^

A Family Affair -  Jennifer Wenn
Against the Odds - Senna Fisher
Alexandra Drake Series - Sarah Elizabeth Ashley


  1. New follower here. I stumbled across your blog through a goodreads thread!

    I look forward to your future posts and hope i can get some great suggestions from your list of reviews.Hope i can see you back at either one of my blogs.

    1. Awesome and you will definitely see me back on your blog.

  2. Hi, didn't see how to email you, so I'm requesting a review in the comment section instead.
    I have a novel published by Damnation Books of Santa Rosa, CA, called "Red Dahlia," which is in the horror genre, if you're willing to review that. It entails a British RN officer who retires from WWI to Raj India, marries a young priestess, and they have a baby daughter—who turns out to be the embodiment of the blood goddess Kali-Ma.
    Thank you.

  3. Hey Sam,

    I couldn’t find an email on your website so I’m messaging you this way instead. I am writing you today about Max Turner’s urban fantasy YA novel Night Runner (St. Martin’s Griffin). It was an Ontario Library Association Red Maple Honour book, which means that students all over Ontario read and enjoyed Night Runner. He has since released the other two books in the trilogy. We know that promoting a second or third book is tough, so we want to see if you are interested in reading and reviewing the first, or perhaps covering the series as a whole. looking at your review interests I think you would be the best to review this book but if you think one of your other colleagues is a better match then maybe they can do it. To help you decide, here is the cover copy for Night Runner:

    For Zack Thomson, life in the Nicholls Ward wasn't so bad. After his parents died, he developed strange allergies, and the mental institution was the only place where he could be properly looked after. As strange as it was, it was home. But that all changes the night a stranger on a Harley crashes through the front doors and tells him to run. Along with his best friend Charlie and a girl he may or may not be falling in love with, Zack does just that: run. Under the cover of night, hiding amongst the shadows, he races for the truth.

    Here is the Amazon link so you can get more info.

    What we’d most like is reviews of course, but whether or not you’re interested in or able to review the book, we’d still be thrilled to place an excerpt or have a giveaway or anything that may appeal to you. Also you can email me back at

    Anyhow, thank you for taking the time to consider Night Runner. I look forward to hearing from you.